First Belgian world champion in history: Brass Band Willebroek!

WMC 2017

One day after the last rehearsal on Belgian soil, Brass Band Willebroek headed for Kerkrade to compete at the World Music Contest, a competition for fanfare, wind, brass and marching bands that is held every 4 years.

Saturday the 8th of July all the 10 bands had to play the new set test piece ‘Tracing Time’ by Oliver Waespi, a true challenge for both band and soloists. Brass Band Willebroek and their conductor Frans Violet gave a powerful performance that was well appreciated by the audience in the Rodahal. After a few drinks at the bar, the band headed back to their beds.

Sunday the 9th of July every band had to give their all to convince the adjudicators with their chosen programme. Brass Band Willebroek opened with ‘Sång Till Norden' written by principal cornet Lode Violet, who immediately after this played a solo piece by Stan Nieuwenhuis, ‘Fortune’s Fool’. As ‘calm before the storm’ the piece ‘Aristotle’s Air’ by Christopher Bond was played and eventually Willebroek concluded their programme with Simon Dobson’s ‘The Turing Test’. The musicians and conductor were really happy with their performance of this incredible piece that they also performed at the Belgian Nationals and Europeans.