Brass Band Willebroek winner of Belgian Championships for the 19th time!

After a great year, with a new Belgian title, great results at the European Brass Band Championships (first place for the set test piece, 4th place overall) and a handful of amazing concerts, it was November again. Time for the next Belgian Brass Band Championships.

Set test piece and own choice piece

In June, we once again received a challenging and recent set test piece: 'Electra' by Martin Ellerby. The rhythmic first part, full of bar changes, took quite some effort. However, the second, lyrical part sounded like it was written only for us. This is the type of piece that Frans Violet specializes in, and his musicians are very glad to take part in this. It took us quite some time to decide on an own choice piece. With someone like Philip Sparke in the jury, it would have been a great idea to choose one of his works, however, we decided to go with Simon Dobson's most recent test piece. It had everything we were looking for. This spectacular sound work (with tons of solos) was able to please us all so we finally started rehearsing it in September.